Combined Cycle Solutions

About Me...Your Power Plant Consultant and Specialist

Hello generator operators and owners,

My name is Mark Barrett and I help power plants solve problems and close gaps.

  • What I’d like for you to know, about me, is:
    • I’ve worked in power plants, gasification, and refineries, for over 30 years.
    • I’ve learned that running a power plant, safely and reliably, is hard. Lots of problems to solve, regulatory compliance is complex,…..and there’s just not enough hours in a day.
    • My goal is to find a solution for your plant’s need, gap, or problem.
    • I offer a wide variety of technical experience aimed at providing you with safe and reliable solutions.
    • My vision is to be the first choice for safe and high-quality consulting solutions for your power plant.

Let’s fix your problem. other thing:

All the services in these pages....I've actually performed.

What I've Done

Positions Held / Skills / Accomplishments

  • 4 Plant Start Ups as a Control Room Operator, Shift Supervisor, or Operations Manager
  • Distributed Controls Systems (DCS) logic/graphics building, troubleshooting, and tuning since 1998: I'm fluent with the major DCS from GE, Siemens, and Emerson.
  • HRSG Water Chemistry program building, troubleshooting, and training for multiple plants: I'm EPRI trained and mentors include Barry Dooley, Jim Matthews, and Bill Strohman.
  • At LSP-Whitewater, we progressed a 20 year-old, cycling HRSG from superheater tube leaks every 7 weeks to once per year.

Companies I've worked for include:

  • Ethos Energy, NAES, Duke Energy
  • Conoco-Phillips, Phillips 66, Calumet Montana Refining
  • Destec Energy, Global Energy, Inc.
  • US Navy


  • Gas Turbine Combined Cycle including single shaft technology
    • GE 7FA and 7HA Gas Turbines
    • Mitsubishi / Siemens W501FC+ Gas Turbines
    • Siemens / Westinghouse W251B12 Gas Turbines
    • GE D11, A651; and Westinghouse Steam Turbines
  • Entrained-Flow Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC, E-Gas)
  • Air Separation (liquid nitrogen and oxygen production)